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A trip overseas won't be so bad
But i can dream on just like a fool
For this day is too good to be true
$$ to revamp my beloved room


audrey xD
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Monday, July 23, 2007

ok. here's the deal. im rushing now. so im gonna make this REEEEEEELY brief. haha! xD

missed school. reason: sick.

go school. forgot to give mc. after school. late forr battle of the bands 2. missed half an hour of it. nvm. still fun. isa called me a drunkard. reason: bopping of head and jumping.

went to the S7 leadership seminar.ok la. but very boring. haha! and yc & i left earlier. after that. met mel and reg. they stayed over @ my house. haha! was really tired when they came back from their movie. opened the door in my PJs. they were still so energetic. im like: (-_-)zZzZz
but was fun anyway. hahaha!! come over again soon yea?

tuition!! study study study...wahhhh shiok man! whoo! xD

sia la. this is the first time i almost fainted.
blocked nose->diffuculty breathing->lack of oxygen to the brain->head started spinning->bom. almost fainted.
haha! terrible allergic nose!! arh!!!


Cheerios! :)

11:51 PM

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sunday (15/7):
after tuition, walked to burger king with isabella. we played with the crossword puzzle on the paper on the tray.
we found random words eg; hag & gay. then we both screamed, "i found toe!" at the same second!! HOHO!
then we went to a charity drive and we got free balloons and watched a singing group from NTU perfom. they're reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely talented ho?

Monday (16/7):
wah lau ey!! THAT MR NG TC.....bully me...
his exact words,
mr ng: EY YOU AR! saw you at central yesterday. GO AND TAKE FREE BALLOON AR! then concert over already clap clap clap still wanna sit over there ar...FINISH ALREADY STILL WANNA STAY THERE..HAIYO... i bet YOU HAVENT STUDIED FOR MY AMATHS TEST RIGHT?!??! HUR!

me: (-,-)lll eh..hehe! got la! got study la..today study lor! hoho!


me: haha! yes yes yes..... *run away*

soooo dumb la... haha!

today (17/7):
okaaaay...amaths test is ok la.. can pass la. i hope...otherwise...he come and nag at me again!! haha!
choir was tiring... then after that, mt reg and yc. yc went home and reg and i went to novena square. she bought candies again. haha! but before we left school, this happened...(i was carrying the balloon i bought. it's not the one from the concert.)(because regina also brought hers so yea...)

mr ng: HUR! YOU AR! that day balloon not enough ar? today got another one!! cannot grow up ar? haha!

me: (0_o) WEI!!! I BOUGHT IT LONG LONG AGO HOR!!! haha!

he cant stop bullying me!! arh!!
once, there was lsp. then he say go second floor. so we were waiting...and waiting...and waiting..
and we decided that he was either m.i.a or k.i.a. but no diff. haha! then a little bird told us that it was in the ava room. warhhhhhhh!!! we were suffering and the rest of the class was enjoying aircon!!! grr... I KEPT COMPLAINING.

mr ng: this girl ar...CANT STOP COMPLAINING TODAY AR...
me: WEI! YOU SAY SECOND FLOOR ONE LOR! then we were waiting and waiting... thn nvr show up. even went to look for you lor!! harrrrrrr!!!
mr ng: thn why the rest of the class here you not here?
me: how i know sia??!?!

then his lesson damn funny...i couldn't stop laughing...! passed the laughing disease to huitze.
mr ng: oi siao char bo! stop laughing la! see? even she also laughing already!

another time;
(outside hod room with some of my classmates)
mr ng: oi! you you!
me: hi mr ng! watsup?
mr ng: wei wei! join news south wales...
me: byebye!! *ran away*
mr ng: eh! tmr class you watch out ar! i hantam you ar!!! haha!!

so weird..haha!

Cheerios! :)

10:53 PM

oh yes....

i am really...really REEEEEEEEELY dreading school.

7:57 AM

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thanks audrey for the treat!

i know it's kinda late now...but better late than never right?
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you


Cheerios! :)

8:23 AM

Friday, July 06, 2007

today was be yourself day! everyone looked great.. at least better than usual. haha!
after school, went to eat lunch with esther, melody, regina, simin, weilin @ chopsticks & knives.
then we went to cineleisure's kbox. sang our sanity away! WHOO! shiok babeh!

be sure to come! it's gonna be great! concerts & talks on how to save the earth.
don't you want to help our dying beloved earth? after all, it IS our one and only home.
please do that little bit to help. we're not asking for much, just recycle whatever possible materials recycable. reuse and reduce. save water! the least LEAST is to attend this talk.
it teaches us on how to properly treat our home. it's only right to treat it with respect and not destroy it. so DO COME DOWN TOMORROW!!
visit www.liveearth.org for more info on live earth!

Cheerios! :)

11:18 PM

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Earlier today, after school, we had literature debate coaching...(-_-) haiz... from 3pm to 5pm.
but before that, went to j8 for lunch with huitze, jennifer, melody, regina, simin, weilin & shirley xD ate mac for lunch. was kinda worried coz we might get into hot soup for being late. Miss Elizabeth Tan has one hell of a chopper man! we fear for our heads. haha! but in the end... she didn't turn up. there was a facilitator from outside school coaching us for debate. so we worried for nothing...(-_-)

then after that, regina and i stayed back to wait for the girl guides. after they were dismissed, we went to play basketball. WHOO! rocks! nvr really knew how to play. but was reeeeeeeely fun! haha! I WANNA PLAY AGAIN!! thn it was the flag lowering ceremony.

& we went back to bishan w/ audrey. she went home and reg & i went to j8. she bought a pair of shoes & jeans. i bought a denim skirt. heehee! then we went to her house for dinner; her mom cooked dinner. thanks much regina's mommy!
watched the 9pm chinese drama @ her house. can't get enough of tv. hehe... i luv that show!! we were having a dilemma over what to wear for be yourself day. but we finally managed to figure it out! haha! then did some homework and i returned home. haha!

& here i am, typing this. with my eyes half-closed..coz im feeling reeeeeeeeeeeeeely sleeeeeeeeepy. (-.-)zzZZzZzZ

Cheerios! :)

9:07 AM

Monday, July 02, 2007

Yesterday, i went for tuition..haha! managed to complete some homework.
then there was the commencement of the marker war!
markers were flying all over the place...ok not really flying since it was in our(shipeng, jarod, wilson} marker clowns xD and me) hands. I WANT ISABELLA! SHE'LL HELP ME DRAW THEM!! ARH!
HAHA!everyone was a potential marker ink casualty. haha..so watch out!

dam..i was winning @ first.. till they all thrashed me.. 2 vs 1 of coz la! since jarod left.(-_-)

the war is not over yet!
went home with marker drawn legs...(-_-)

then went to regina's house...
mel and reg say wad....got additional things in the piece of cake left for me..
then i was like huh?
reg say got ants....(0_0) i freaked..............thanks regina!! (=_=)
turns out that she meant got saliva..coz mel ate alr and she left me half of her piece..
YA I KNOW. LOL...obvious it was half eaten lol.
SO...all of us went: (=, =)
haiz..then we went to j8 for dinner.....walked round j8 till the shops started closing..
mel bought a pair of heels...not surprising... haha!
we returned to our beloved toa payoh central. mel met up with her family and she was shocked to see her new maid..LOL! then regina came to my house and we did the usual stuffs...then her dad fetched back reeeeeeeeeeely LATE.

today, we went to sentosa... mel, reg, isa, me, and the obs peeps: wanjun, kevin, fuad, stanley, khairul, dave, marius. sorry, if there's anyone i missed.

everyone met up at siloso beach, the spot right infront of Rasa Sentosa Hotel..
BLOODY HELL...THAT PLACE IS LIKE....WOAH...the hotel i mean.. i wanna goooo!! so classy la.. and soooo..SHIOK MAN! i wanna be rich!! ($_$)

ok. back to reality. so we seperated. mel, reg & i went off to have lunch while the rest were getting soaked to a prune.
damn..we got lost in sentosa..and to make it worse..WE ARE SINGAPOREANS.. dots! so paiseh..haha!
took the red line bus service. GOT DOWN ONE STOP EARLIER THAN OUR DESTINATED STOP! woah!! we are so noob! then we finally managed to reach our stop and wanted to take a tram to the food court.
then it was FULL! so we ended up walking..SOO FREAKING NEAR...(-_-) the map made it look so far away!! and..we were walking almost the same speed as the tram...DOTS..

we toured the island and yea..quite fun la.. ahaha!then we burried ourselves @ the beach.

WE WANNA GO TO DOLPHIN LAGOON..DAMMIT! AND UNDERWATER WORLD!! AND THE ZOOO!! AND NIGHT SAFARI!! ARGH! damnit! all so freaking expensive!! ok fine.. zoo and night safari isn't in sentosa..but we still wanted to go anyway..haha

went back to harbourfront for dinner @ mcdonalds. talked about the brain..left or right..haha!
AND I MIXED AND MATCH SAUCES AND EUREKA! came up with a sauce i reeeeeeely love..
and regina gave me a reeeeeeeeeeely weird face when she tried it. haha! then we went home..

and now..im reeeeeely sleepy... SLEPT @ SENTOSA..wah lau..loved the breeze! ARHHHHH! WHOO! im lovin it! ♪balabababa! ♪
shall upload photos soon! hehe..

Cheerios! :)

8:20 AM

Saturday, June 30, 2007

TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY! coz i saw alot of red cars!!
haha! ok kidding..it's great coz WENT SHOPPING WITH MEL AND REG! WHOO!
bought quite alot of stuffs... haha!
bought my stuffs @ OG.
then we went to wisma atrium.. we went to topshop, mango and esprit.
dunno why...just couldn't breathe. mel and i were having flu!
gonna pass it to ya, reg! beware...
haha! lucky GSS havent ended.. hee... let's go again!!
then went to marina square with reg coz mel had to go home for a celebration.
it's her sister's birthday!
HHAHA! regina was like so scared the shop she wanted to go would be closed...
she made me drag my NEAR-TO-DISINTERGRATION pair of PITIFUL legs!! arhh...
i need a massage..YOU OWE ME ICE-CREAM FOR THAT...YA HEAR!?!?! HAHA!

ok...my legs hurt now....

Cheerios! :)

8:44 AM

On Thursday, DAN DHIN DU(tan shinlu) treated us, DAUDREY, DEIDIN, DINDRI, DEEDUANG AND DEE (audrey, weilin, indri, yeechuang and me) to Pepperlunch as a birthday treat.

thank you very very very very very very veli veli veli veli veli veli veli much DHIN DU! haha! a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely happy belated birthday to youuuuuuuuuu! lol!
the photos are in weilin's blog.

i think im gonna fall sick soon. haiz... i need my sleep!
i hate homework! but school's ok. and im kinda getting more accustomed to teasing my teachers...
oh dear... haha anyway..
school's not so bad. just see it in a different light and you'll know wad i mean...
learn to love it. dun hate it. haha! JUST HATE THE HOMEWORK!

Cheerios! :)

12:20 AM